Josh Penn-Pierson
Lifetimes Infinity
Indefinite Life Organization

Since 2013, I've been fascinated with indefinite life (the pursuit of spreading life across space and time). To work toward these goals, I founded the organization Lifetimes Infinity, whose aim is to maintain a roadmap, build systems, and develop technologies that increase life's chances of survival in the universe.

My Role as the Founder of Lifetimes Infinity:

  • Set the vision of the organization.
  • Define the long-term roadmap to align with the vision.
  • Identify business opportunities that are in line with the long-term roadmap.
  • Outline projects that fit with business opportunities.
  • Recruit and manage a remote team.
  • Build and manage community.
  • Design and build visualizations and software applications.
  • Design and maintain the Lifetimes Infinity website.
  • Write and produce video content: