Josh Penn-Pierson
Music Album

writer / singer / producer

This album is still in development. Here you can find the current state of the album in an unmixed and unmastered state with unfinished arrangements and vocal recordings.

Track list

Title Length Genre
I Thought You'd Be There 4:37 Punk Rock
Demolition Demonstration 1:56 Hip-Hop
Darkest Paradise 5:51 Pop Rock
Better Off Alone 5:18 Alternative Rock
Nobody 4:19 Alternative Rock
Listen To The Fear 2:37 Alternative Rock
Give Me Nothing 2:19 Pop Punk
This Is Beast 3:44 Hip-Hop
Touch Paradise 2:54 Electronic
Letting Go 5:54 Hip-Hop
I Am Wonderful 4:56 Alternative Rock
Wake Up 4:06 Alternative Rock

This album was created with a blend of rock and electronic influences, ranging from Linkin Park, to Blink 182, to video game chiptune songs. The lyrics (and album name) are inspired by my personal journey of self-awareness.