FL Studio Batch Export To MP3

Description: An AutoHotkey script that converts as many FL Studio files as you want into MP3s.

Created - 2014.7.3
Last Updated - 2014.6.17

About: When working on my album BDTFT, I needed a way to export 300 songs without me having to sit at the computer for a whole day, so I made this crude script to be able to make MP3s while I slept or did other things away from the computer.

Github project page (Downloads and Source Files)

Time Tracker

Description: A minimal time tracking program written in Python that saves data to be easily imported into spreadsheets for data analysis and visualization.

Created - 2013.01.12
Last Updated - 2014.07.27

About: I've used this time tracker for that last two years to better keep track of how I allocate my time and be able to reflect on how larger chunks of my life have been spent.

Github project page (Downloads and Source Files)