Monster Collector

Monster Collector Dev log



  • On game start, fade from gray monster to colored monster.


  • Had a big bug in the array codes that store and generate the monsters. The bug was throughout most of the code. Managed to fix it.


About Monster Collector

An entirely procedurally generated game where your objective is to find, capture, and train the procedurally generated monsters. This game is inspired by Pokemon.

Currently, the monsters are symmetrical about their y-axis. As such, there are 18 blocks that can be in one of two states for each monster. This means there are 2^18 (262,144) different monsters in this version of the game.

Each monster has 4 different procedurally generated types (with each type choosing from a pool of 4-5 types).

Each monster’s abilities are procedurally generated moves out of the pool of skills from those types.

Monsters unlock abilities as they gain experience. Out of all the abilities a monster has learned so far, you can choose (outside of combat) up to 5 of them to use during combat.

More info available upon request…