Forgotten Warriors

Forgotten Warriors Dev log


Note: the red number below Player 1 is just a temporary way to visualize the jump count.


  • Testing out a new block face sprite with Enaro.
  • Implemented multiple jumps and varying jump heights (different heights for each warrior and different heights for ground jumps and air jumps).
  • Added sounds for dodge and attacks.
  • Added attack damage text.
  • Added total damage number in HUD for both players.
  • Gave Taber a right attack.
  • Cleaned up some of the code.


  • There are some bugs with the new jump system (need to swap warriors after eating orb in order to get appropriate stats).
  • Taber’s right attack can mess with player’s gravity.



  • Orbs now can only be eaten by using the new tongue attack.
  • Added Psyro down attack.
  • Added nametags for players.
  • Deactivated wheel orbs and un-eatable wheel orbs have distinct sprites.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed GUI scaling issue.



  • 5 Playable characters (Enaro, Jag, Taber, Psyro, Zorba).
  • 4 Orbs with unique throw effects.
  • 1 Stage.
  • Menus.
  • Keybinding.
  • Music volume control.


  • Gui shouldn’t be scaling as the window resizes.

About Forgotten Warriors

This is a 2d platform fighting game inspired by Super Smash Bros, Brawlhalla, and Rivals of Aether.

The object of this game is to knock your opponent off the stage to make them lose a life. Make them lose all their lives before you lose all yours and you win. The more damage a player has, the farther they get knocked back from attacks.
A player can hold onto up to 2 orbs at a time and can use the SWAP key to swap between them as they choose. You can use the EAT/SPIT key to spit out the orb in your first slot. However, if your first slot is empty, the EAT/SPIT key shoots out a tongue and can use it to pull in orbs that are automatically assigned to the first slot. The orb in your first slot determines what warrior you are.

Default Controls

A = Move left
D = Move right
S = Fast fall
Space = Jump
Shift = Dodge
J = Attack
(WASD + J) = Other attacks
K = Eat orb / Spit out orb in first slot
L = Swap orbs in the two slots


Currently, all warriors have infinite dodge, and infinite up air attacks (which allows them to fly forever). This will not be the case in the final version of the game.

Attacks, jumping, eating (tongue distance), and spits can all be charged/held for timing (and in the case of attacks and spits, charged for damage and knockback too).


Dodge is like in Brawlhalla. You can cancel a dodge at any time by using an attack (which breaks your invulnerability). There are also gravity cancel attacks like in Brawlhalla — if you spot dodge in the air (no direction dodge) and use an attack within a short period of time, you will perform a ground move in the air (in Brawlhalla this is known as gravity canceling).


Falling off of a platform or stage does not count as a jump. There is no ledge grabbing or wall-hugging in the game. Each warrior has their own number of jumps (of varying heights) that they can perform. You can use these jump in any way you want. The regular jump (space bar) consumes one jump. The up-air-attack will consumes one jump (currently not implemented).

Idea (not implemented): The number of jumps you have is determined by the warrior you leave the ground with (so switching warriors midair won’t give you extras). What this means though, is that if you’re using a warrior with 4 jumps and a warrior with 2 jumps, jump in the air with the 4-jump warrior, then switch to the 2-jump and you’ll be able to perform 3 jumps with it.


When you use the Eat/Spit button and the first orb slot is empty, it will shoot out a tongue in the direction you are holding (the tongue shoots out farther the longer you charge it up). You cannot attack while the tongue is out, so be careful and don’t just spam the tongue, since you have to wait for it to get back into the mouth before attacking or dodging.

Idea (not implemented): If the tongue makes contact with an orb, it gets pulled in to your warrior. If it makes it all the way to your warrior’s mouth, then you eat it. The orb can get knocked off if another player hits it with their tongue. Maybe tongues can also be used as grappling hooks (if they hit stage parts) that you can use to swing around and even under the stages. Or maybe the tongue just keeps going out as long as you are holding the button.


Not yet implemented: You will only be able to swap orbs when you have a swap charge. Your swap charge is refreshed every time you land on the ground after you’ve been in the air.


Not yet implemented: The background will eventually be slightly parallaxed.


The current map has a wheel in the middle that carries all of the different types of orbs around in a circle. The orbs cannot be picked up when the center of the orb (orb.x, orb.y) is NOT behind a wall (including the glass walls you see). When you take an orb off of the wheel, that orb slot becomes deactivated (no more orbs can be taken from that slot). When an orb slot on the wheel crosses through a red glass piece, it will re-spawn the orb.

Since this game is reliant on items (orbs), in order to make the game more competitive, there should be as little randomness as possible. Using the wheel to deliver items to the players removes any randomness that would be involved with a random item dropping system.

The wheel also frees up more of the play field than if we used a non-moving item delivery system that would clutter the play field with items that players might unintentionally pick up.

There could be a button somewhere on the stage that switches the direction of the orb wheel.


Currently, most of the warriors all use the same attacks (their unique attacks haven’t been implemented yet). The attacks described below are just the ideas for what their attacks will be.

A warrior can have up to 18 attacks, but the average will be around 10. There is only one attack button (so no such thing as a light attack or heavy attack). Attacks are separated into ground attacks and air attacks. From there the attack can be performed with no directional input or one of the 8 directions (up, down, left, right, diagonals).

You do not choose a warrior before each match. you always start as the default warrior. You pick up the orbs on the map to turn into the different available warriors.

The plan is to make each warrior a cube with a face so that the cubes don’t have to be animated for each attack, saving development time. With the to-be-developed tongue mechanic, the tongue will actually come out of the mouth of the face.

Not all of the attacks listed below are implemented.


Enaro is the default warrior you play as when you don’t have any orbs in your first slot.



Taber’s side attacks are different for each side.

Ground Attacks:
J = Small quick jab that doesn’t do much damage or knockback.
J + A = Stabs out far to the left and a little up. If it hits the enemy, then it pulls them back toward you.
J + D = Roll/dash to the right, churning up the earth and damaging enemies in your path.
J + W = Shoots a rock straight up high into the air. The rock is active  (can damage enemies) for the entire time it is in the air until it hits the ground. If it reaches the ground and doesn’t hit anyone, it just stays on the ground as a wall piece. If it takes enough damage, it will be broken though. If you use the skill again, the old one will disappear.
J + S = Grab. Release ‘J’ to throw in the direction you are pressing.

Air Attacks:
J = Half roll/swoosh to the front side.
J + A = Big strong punch to the side (slower).
J + D = Smaller quicker punch. Two different hitboxes. 1 = damage and knockback. 2 = Past the first hitbox, knockback but no damage.
J + W = Moves upward, smashing everything in its way.
J + S = Slaps below him.



Online / Versus Play

Forgotten Warriors currently does not have online/versus play.

Players will be able to create lobbies (and change the settings, such as stock/time, lives, etc.). Other players can join their lobby and select that they are ready to fight. There is no character select. Once all players have pressed the ready button, the owner of the lobby can press start, which takes the players to the stage select room. Players alternate banning stages until one stage is left and they then play a match on that stage.

Eventually there will be skins you can choose from for each warrior.

Lobby options may eventually include things like warrior banning (so that certain warrior orbs don’t appear on the map).

More info available upon request…